Would you have sex with an elf? Don’t matter your preference, nor did I say what the elf was. Would you do an elf, if it were a hot elf?

Anyone dabble with digital forensics or malware analysis? We should talk. It’s what I’m most interested in.

I too thought everything was covered in semen until I really started watching CSI, and realized quickly, that not every bad person ejaculates on everything that eventually leads to capture. Damn it!


Phishing attack example in real-time with accurate employee reaction complex


Talking to a guy who had to go to Mexico for dental work. His story is: was living in San Diego and couldn’t afford it here. So he parked his car at the border, walked across, and someone picked him up and he paid a fraction of the price for professional work he needed. What the hell is wrong with this picture? Nothing on Mexico, at all. But damn...

If any US politician really cared about privacy, they’d make their own mastodon or self host their own and secure it.

You never, ever, pay the ransom! There’s no guarantee you would even get your data back if you were to pay. Plus, doing so encourages more bad behavior.


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